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Thursday, February 28, 2013

United Nations Regular Budget Contributions: Members Compared, 1990-2010

Marjorie Ann Browne
Specialist in International Relations

Luisa Blanchfield
Specialist in International Relations

The United States is the single largest contributor to the United Nations (U.N.) regular budget. As such, Members of the 113th Congress will likely continue to demonstrate an interest in the United States’ assessment level, the cost of the U.S. assessment each year, how U.S. contributions to the regular budget compare to those of other countries, and how assessment levels have changed over time.

This report provides the assessment level, actual payment, and total outstanding contributions for the United States and other selected U.N. member states from 1990 to 2010—the last year for which data are publicly available. In 2010, the United States was assessed to pay 22% (or $532,435,102) of the regular budget. The next largest contributors were Japan (12.53%), Germany (8.018%), the United Kingdom (6.604%), and France (6.112%).

This report is updated annually, or as the U.N. document upon which the data are based is published.

Date of Report: January 15, 2013
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